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Job - Flow

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"Flow" was introduced from version 7.0.0. Basically we took parts from On error handling, added specific Condition handling and then merged handling of Notifications in it. The goal was to make it easier to control flow of Job and Tasks and adding more basic Condition functionality.


Job Flow


Job Flow has its own tab in the Job window. Job Flow adds controls what happens at different events;


Job start

Job complete

Job fails

Job success

Job runs longer than


For example, upon failure you can choose to wait a couple of seconds and the retry the Job. Another thing you can do is to send you a Notification when the Job has failed. Besides the event you can add a condition that needs to be matched before continuing with the action in the flow.


Flow tab


The list of "flows" are shown in the Flow tab. You can see the event, in this case "On error" and the action "Wait and retry Job". You can Add, Edit, Delete and Clone Flows in this tab.






Job Condition window




Two parts


The Job Flow window are divided in two parts;


the Job Condition

the flow control/action


Job Condition


The Job Condition controls when and with what conditions the flow should be started.


Event type

On start - performs the action at start (before Job is running)

On error - performs the action when the Job has failed

On success - performs the action when the Job returns success result

On complete - performs the action when the Job completes - regardless of result

On running longer than - performs the action if the Job runs longer than specified time


On running longer than

This option lets you control what happens if the Job run longer than a specified time. Click on the Edit timeout to specify the time.


Event condition

Event conditions contains some basic conditions that are optionally evaluated when the event type is matched. If you do not want to use any conditions you set it to the "Always" which means that the flow will continue whenever the event has been raised.


Always - will continue without evaluating any condition

If value/Variable - matches any two values - could be two Variables or a mix

If exit code - matches a value with the exit code of the Job


Condition and data type

When you have selected an event condition you decide how to match this condition - with what value and data type. As for the condition you can select from the normal, e.g. Equal, Contains, Larger than etc.


Task Flow control


The flow control group controls what happens when the Job Condition has been matched (with event and condition).


"Wait and retry" - Waits a specified time and then try to run the Job again. You can choose how many times VisualCron will try to do this before stopping the Job completely.

"Run Job" - Runs another Job (asynchronous or synchronous)

"Run Notification" - runs the specified Notification (this replaces previous Notifications)

"Deactivate Job" - deactivates the current Job