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A defined Job is managed either from the main toolbar or by mouse right-click on a specific Job in the Server/Job/Task grid. To manage a Job you open the Add Job, Edit Job or Clone Job dialogs.


For each Job type, some Main settings must be defined. In order to run something automatically, one or more Triggers and one or more Tasks must be defined for each Job. Finally Time exceptions, Conditions, Timeout and Notifications may be defined for each Job.


The only mandatory setting in the Add Job/Edit Job/Clone Job windows is the Name information. When also the Task settings has been defined, the Job can be tested by the Test Job button (in the bottom of the Add Job/Edit Job/Clone Job windows).


Note: When you Clone Job, please make sure that all underlying variables in Tasks or triggers are updated correctly.

The Job settings are stored by VisualCron in the jobs.xml file, by default stored in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\VisualCron\settings\" folder.