Remote and customized installation

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Remote and customized installation

Perhaps you have the need for an automated installation of VisualCron on different servers. Since the VisualCron installation is based on MSI you can use already existing Windows tools to perform the installation silently and remotely. You are also able to control where you want to install (installation folder) and if you want to install both the Client and the Server package or just the Client.


Custom installation

1. Download the "Custom installation package" from the download page.

2. Unzip the content to an empty folder

3. Open the command window (cmd.exe)

4. In the command window, go to the folder where the installation is unzipped


To install the Client & Server package, write:

msiexec /i VisualCron.msi /q INSTALLMODE="1"


To install the Client only, write:

msiexec /i VisualCron.msi /q INSTALLMODE="2"


To use other than the default installation folder, write:

msiexec /i VisualCron.msi /q INSTALLMODE="1" TARGETDIR="C:\Program Files\your folder\"


Remote installation

It is possible to install VisualCron remotely - on a domain or private network.

1. To do this you need to use a tool called "psexec" which is downloadable from Microsoft PsExec. Once downloaded, unzip the content of the file into the "C:\WINDOWS\system 32\" folder.

2. Download the "Custom installation package" from the download page.

3. Unzip the package on a shared drive on your network.

4. Open the command window (cmd.exe)

5. Combine the row below with the command string above in the Custom installation section like this:

psexec \\remoteservername -u adminusername -p adminpassword msiexec /i \\remoteservername\locationofyourmsi\VisualCron.msi