VisualCron Tray Client

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VisualCron Tray Client

The VisualCron Tray Client is an application that is part of the VisualCron system since version 4.7.0. It is shown with a VisualCron icon in the notification area normally located in the bottom of the Windows screen.


If the Tray client icon includes a red cross, the Tray client is not connected to a server service. One of the reasons may be a stopped service. The change of the icon between having and not having a cross, is based on repeated "ping" from the client and thus it is somewhat delayed related to the actual state of the connection.





The VisualCron Tray Client to the right. Right click to interact.



The Tray Client starts when a user logs in to the Windows server. When the Tray Client starts it attempts to connect to the VisualCron Server in order to provide control, allow foreground execution and be able to notify the currently logged in user. When the Tray Client is connected it shows the normal VisualCron icon in the System Tray. When the Tray Client is disconnected it shows a red cross over the normal VisualCron icon.






When the Tray Client is connected to the VisualCron Server your are able to control the Client and the Server.


By double clicking on the Tray Client icon you start the VisualCron Client. The Client can also be started by right-click on the Tray Client icon and select Client -> Start.


By right-click on the Tray Client icon you can choose Server -> Stop/Start. You can also Stop and Start the Server service.


Foreground execution

One of the main purposes of the VisualCron Tray Client is to provide foreground execution.


Settings option




Start Tray Client on startup

Controls if the tray client should be loaded when each user logs on to the server machine.



In the Settings window you can control VisualCron Tray Client Notifications. These Notifications are MSN-like popups that can show when a Job starts or stops. You can switch off/on these popups here.



By default we are logging to file (to the log directory) to debug any problems you might have. You can turn off this logging here.