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Is there any way to access WSL2 from VisualCron? Primarily what I need is to create home directory backups. I can do this from cmd.exe:

wsl -d WLinux -e rsync --archive --verbose --delete /home/keithdavis/ /mnt/c/Users/keithdavis/Documents/Personal/WLinuxHomeBackups/KDAVISHOME2/

But from VisualCron, without credentials specified, I get this in Output:

Access is denied

With credentials specified, I get no Output, but in Output (error):

Exception in Task: Non zero exit code
Exit code (-1073741502) description: The process failed to start due to some policy or permissions restriction. You can try to disable UAC in Server tab->Server settings and reboot or enable Extended debugging in Server settings->Log, then edit the Credential that you use and select option CreateProcessAsUserW - then try the Task again.

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