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Brian Baker
I have a need to generate a log of all files transferred via SFTP tasks from VisualCron. The issue is that output from a VisualCron SFTP task (either Download or Upload) only captures the destination path in the output. For a download task, this is the local UNC path to the file destination. For an upload task, this is the remote SFTP directory the file is sent to.
In both cases, the source path is not captured and there doesn't appear to be any way to capture it in the task output.

I might be able to create a complicated manual capture from the task definition if I create a separate task for every single directory upload, but this would be INCREDIBLY burdensome (with dozens of DL/UL definitions that exist per task) and still doesn't capture paths if subfolders are part of the download/upload.

Is there any way to capture both the source AND the destination paths in SFTP tasks?
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I think you can get it from variables. Open variables, click "go to active job" (in menu), select the sftp task, scroll down to items. You will find destination and source folder there

Brian Baker
This MIGHT be possible if use those variables to generate a lookup list that is something like:
<Source folder for Item1>|<Destination folder for Item1>
<Source folder for Item2>|<Destination folder for Item2>
<Source folder for Item3>|<Destination folder for Item3>

and then pass that with stdout (full path list of all items transferred) to a powershell script that tries to match each transferred file through that lookup list. Don't think it will solve subfolder issues. And it is still WAY more difficult than it should be as you have to build the line for every item definition in the task. At the very least we should have to option to include source path/source file/source full path&name in the output.

A better solution which I have wanted several times now is an option in every job custom results. You would choose a custom result radio button on the results tab and use variables to build your own results output.

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