Change log


8.2.4 [2017-02-08]

[FEATURE] Client/Server: Desktop macro Task->general improvements and edit capability
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Web macro Task->Various improvements
[FEATURE] Client/Server: SFTP->Added KeepAlive setting
[FEATURE] Client/Server: RSS Trigger->Added auth and Credential support
[FEATURE] Client: Permissions->Added "Select all" / "Deselect all" option to override permissions window
[FEATURE] WebClient: Added realtime update of progress for Job/Task just like Windows Client
[FEATURE] WebClient: Various improvements
[FEATURE] Client: Now single instance of Windows Client per session
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Added new window "Failed Jobs"
[BUGFIX] Server: Foreground execution->Fixed username enumeration dictionary bug
[BUGFIX] Server: Amazon EC2 Tasks->Upgrades libraries and fixed dependencies
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: SFTP->Fixed issue with servers returning full path for name
[BUGFIX] Server: MSMQ->Fixed issue with remote MSMQ servers
[BUGFIX] Server: SFTP->Fixed compatiblity issue with GlobalScape SFTP servers
[BUGFIX] Server: Cloud Task->Fixed issue with submitting bucket from Amazon Connection
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Email Trigger->Fixed issue with storing regex option in attachment filter
[BUGFIX] WebAPI: Allowed setting local (external) ip to comply with web service standards
[BUGFIX] Server: Fixed issue with property "Allow local connections only"
[BUGFIX] Server: Task->Excel Set cell/Create->Fixed issue using Variables in password field
[BUGFIX] Server: Foreground execution->Fixed issue with login on computers with AD
[BUGFIX] Server: FTP/SFTP disconnect->Fixed issue with sometimes lingering connections when using multiple commands
[BUGFIX] Server: FTP/SFTP/SCP->Fixed duplicate file output on upload when using multiple commands
[BUGFIX] Client: Fixed Client status update issue for Job/Task row
[BUGFIX] API: Popup Task->Fixed crash when caption count differed from value count
[BUGFIX] Client: XML - Read node Task->Handled XPath query errors better to prevent crashes in Client
[BUGFIX] WebClient: Fixed issue with Download Step dialog OK button when no description was set
[BUGFIX] Server: Fixed crash related to logging missing Credential in Task
[BUGFIX] Client: Email Trigger->Fixed mail tree issue with multiple levels and public folders
[BUGFIX] API: Variables->Fixed problem resolving Variable {DATETIME()} in file filter
[BUGFIX] Client: Remote file dialog->Fixed general failure handling with inaccessible links
[BUGFIX] Server: Web macro Task->Fixed crash
[BUGFIX] Server: SharePoint - Upload Task->Fixed problem uploading from network share

8.2.3 [2016-12-16]

[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Variables->Fixed an issue with LastWorkDay Variable
[BUGFIX] Server: Variables->Fixed issue with PrevTask (8.2.2 issue)

8.2.2 [2016-12-12]

[FEATURE] Client/Server: Server monitor window (beta)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Audit log->Can now see changes in encrypted values (please revise permissions if needed)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Task->Concatenate PDF
[FEATURE] WebClient: Added auto connect option to client connection settings
[FEATURE] Client/Server: VisualCron Trigger->Now supporting "All Jobs" as option
[FEATURE] Client/Server: VisualCron Trigger->Now handling more events from remote server
[FEATURE] API: VisualCron Trigger->Now handling more events from remote server
[FEATURE] Client/Server: VisualCron Trigger->New events Startup complete and Service service stop
[BUGFIX] Server: Delete files Task: Now removing Read only flag before deletion to prevent failure
[BUGFIX] Server: Fixed a memory leak related to result of Task processed in loops
[BUGFIX] Server: SFTP Task->Fixed issue with setting encryption algorithm
[BUGFIX] Client: Handled error when backup folder cannot be reached
[BUGFIX] Client: Email Task->Fixed a resize issue which prevented some controls from showing
[BUGFIX] Server: Delete files Task->Fixed issue with very long directory paths
[BUGFIX] Server: Set Variable Task->Fixed issue setting Job Variable when running Task directly (compared to running Job)
[BUGFIX] Server: Archive - Decompress Task->Fixed Gz extraction issue
[BUGFIX] Server: SQL Task->Fixed issue with waiting for SQL Job completion
[BUGFIX] Server: SFTP->Fixed issue with Auto adjust ciphers on Server level
[BUGFIX] Server: Task logging->Fixed issue with logging the result
[BUGFIX] Server: Output->Fixed crash issue JSON output option
[BUGFIX] Client: Connection Explorer->Fixed Modified time sorting
[BUGFIX] Client: Fixed splash screen property for customization
[BUGFIX] WebClient: Fixed cookie storage of AD settings
[BUGFIX] WebClient: Fixed error popups on authentication failure
[BUGFIX] Client: Conditions->Fixed cloning issue which could cause edit rather than clone

8.2.1 [2016-11-01]

[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Task: Check port
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Web macro Task->Various features and fixes
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Email Trigger->Added support for Exchange EWS and WebDAV
[FEATURE] Client/Server: SSRS Task->Added override option for report folder
[FEATURE] Client/Server: File filter->Added exclude folder(s) with file mask support
[FEATURE] Client/Server: SSIS Task->Support for SQL Server 2016
[BUGFIX] Server: Variables->Fixed negative workdays issue
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Web macro Task->Memory optimizations
[BUGFIX] Client: Fixed issues with Task progress running after Task is complete
[BUGFIX] Server: Fixed output issue for Execute Task using option "CreateProcessAsUserW"
[BUGFIX] Server: Job/Task control Task->Fixed update issue of Job Variables for Run Task option
[BUGFIX] Server: Checksum Task->Fixed issues with very large files
[BUGFIX] Server: Email Trigger->Fixes for EWS protocols
[BUGFIX] Server: Fixed Folder filter issue for folder exclusion
[BUGFIX] Client: Flow->Fixed resize and limitations in retry values
[BUGFIX] Client: Fixed problem passing some Loop Variables to remote client
[BUGFIX] Server: Fixed Server IP Variable issue
[BUGFIX] Server: SSISDB Task->Included file that was needed in some cases in installation
[BUGFIX] Server: Print Task->Fixed an issue printing from the network
[BUGFIX] Server: Crystal reports->Fixed timeout issue (not terminating report)
[BUGFIX] Client: Wait Task->Fixed 100ms limit

8.2.0 [2016-09-16]

[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Task: Web macro Task
[FEATURE] Client/Server: FTP Task->Added option 'Resume SSL session' in Connection
[FEATURE] Client/Server: RSS Event->Added support for security protocol version
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Event log Trigger->Now faster and support for sub folders
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Added new Trigger MSMQ
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Added support for sending MSMQ to non-transactional messages
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Added many Variables related to working days
[FEATURE] WebClient: Now saving other client settings like Job start/stop Notifications
[FEATURE] Server: Remote Execute Task->Added support for terminating running remote process
[BUGFIX] API/Server: Fixed a problem with Foreground execution when using no Credential
[BUGFIX] Server: HTTP Task->Fixed issue passing data when using PUT command
[BUGFIX] Server: File filter->Fixed a problem identifying size of +3 GB files
[BUGFIX] Client: Conditions->Fixed a problem cloning Conditions in the Client
[BUGFIX] Server: Fixed problem importing HTTP Task from older version
[BUGFIX] Client: Pushbullet->Handle null/empty device name
[BUGFIX] Server: SFTP/FTP/Cloud Tasks/Triggers->Fixed issue with using regex in 'include file name'
[BUGFIX] Server: Fixed problem loading ExitCodes which could result in Task failing in special scenarios
[BUGFIX] Server: Fixed problem with not disposing Client properly when using Execute Task with remote execution context. This could lead to memory issues on Server and excessive logging.
[BUGFIX] Server: Handled null error output issue in Notifications to prevent crash
[BUGFIX] Server: Fixed issue where the Set Variable Task could interrupt items in queue of the File Trigger
[BUGFIX] Server: Fixed issue in the Remote file Trigger which could prevent download from starting
[BUGFIX] Server: SQL Task->Fixed ODBC issues (refreshing stored procedures and executing) and Direct MySQL stored procedure execution issue
[BUGFIX] Server: Excel - Set Task->Fixed permission issue when writing to network share
[BUGFIX] Server: Remote File Trigger->Fixed memory leak issue
[BUGFIX] Server: AD - Create User Task->Fixed validation and set of CN property
[BUGFIX] Server: Execution Context->Fixed a problem finding the specified or any connection
[BUGFIX] Server: Conditions->Process condition - better handling of null module names
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Assembly Task->Fixed a problem with reflecting dll's when extended debugging was on
[BUGFIX] Server: Cloud->Upload->Fixed error 'Sequence contains no elements'
[BUGFIX] Client: Permissions->Fixed problem adding Task when Job was overridden with specific permissions
[BUGFIX] Server: Email Trigger->Fixed a problem with saving multiple attachments with the same name
[BUGFIX] Client: Web client->Fixed a problem installing / detecting installation
[BUGFIX] WebClient: Fixed a problem saving client settings (servers)
[BUGFIX] WebClient: Fixed a problem displaying empty startup popups
[BUGFIX] Server: Task->Flow->Fixed 'On running longer than' issue
[BUGFIX] Server: Crystal Reports Task->Fixed dispose/memory cleanup issue
[BUGFIX] Server: Assembly Execute Task->Fixed recursive loop making reflection hanging
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