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Business license - for companies

Quantity Product SKU Price Support level  
1-Server license (Pro)
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1-Server license (Basic)
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5-Server license (Pro)
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5-Server license (Basic)
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Site license (Pro)
Cloud license (Pro)
Country license (Pro)
World license (Pro)

Upgrade to Pro

Quantity Product SKU Price  
Upgrade to Pro
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Separate Maintenance & Support Pack

Quantity Product SKU Price Existing license type  
1 year maintenance

Custom development/Training

Quantity Service SKU Price  
1 hour development #99 $399  
1 hour training/screenshare #101 $399  

We are able to develop any custom Task, functionality/feature, console application based on request. Please contact Sales for more information and a price quote.

Need help selecting the right licensing for you?

Please look at this page and contact us for for further questions!

Instant delivery and activation

  • Your activation code will delivered instantly by email after purchase
  • No need to install a new version - you activate your trial version

Payment types and processors

  • Payment processor ePay accepts all credit cards
  • Direct wire transfer is also an option - check out with "Invoice" option

Need more information?

Please contact sales if you have any other requests or enquiries like invoices or PO´s. We can receive payments through our bank in Sweden and we have a European VAT number.

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