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Could we get a feature implemented where we can have multiple destinations for file copies.

Currently the only way you can do this is as follows

1) Get listing of files in directory and store as CrLF output
<LOOP THROUGH STEP 2 - 4 using OUTPUT from first step of x value>
2) Copy file to destination 1 with the file mask set the value of X in the "For Each" loop
3) Copy file to destination 2 with the file mask set the value of X in the "For Each" loop
ETC how ever many destinations needed
4) Delete file in source with the file name of the current value of X in the "For Each" loop

While this works and ensures the all files are actually copied and not missed it is cumbersome to setup and has a small performance penalty.

It would be good if adding multiple destinations were as simple as comma separating each destination
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Hi Michael,

There is more comming to this, every destination can have its own credentials, renaming actions and all other things you can do with a copy task.
In your example you can dismiss task 4 bij checking the move file box as last copy task.

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