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I have been using VisualCron now for 5+ years at two different companies and at home for personal automation needs. There simply is no alternative that matches the price and level of features VC provides in a scheduler. Their development is active, support is responsive, and they even add features that you request to constantly improve the product. It goes way beyond what a normal scheduler should do but it also does what a scheduler should do very well. Between native tasks that make it easy for non-developers to automate tedious tasks to a rich C# API that opens up avenues for devs to do some powerful things, it stands alone.

VisualCron has made my life easier at two different company roles and it can surely help you with any automated tasks you need for a much cheaper price than most enterprise products. It does have a bit of a learning curve with the software but the documentation is pretty good and support is terrific to get you going. Once you try it you'll wonder why you ever used the default Task Scheduler windows provides.

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