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Todd Lea
I have an EXE that is being executed by the Execute task. How do I setup the Execute task to show me a window of that running, so I can see all of the feedback from the EXE?
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It is not recommended as you have to Foreground execution. Also, if you decide to show a window VisualCron cannot capture the console output of the window.

It is important to see that in order to have a system that requires no dependencies you should use Background execution (from the VisualCron service). Otherwise you are dependent on that a desktop exist and is logged on.
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Todd Lea
Here is my problem. I have an EXE that work perfectly if I run it in a command window. It fails in your product. I'm unable to see any of the stuff going on. Making debugging this very difficult. How would I setup the foreground to show me everything going on?
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