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I really think this is possible.. Please help if you can think of a solution.

I have a unknown number of unprocessed files that need to be single threaded through a process (the job with several tasks).
This is on a schedule and once started I would like to loop through possessing each of the files until the processing folder is empty.
I could use a trigger but I want it to first start on a schedule and then triggers possibly afterwards.

Is this possible with visual cron?
Sorry for the post. Easy solution with powershell and probably better use.
This is most definitely possible (Hi Jim),

If you're working with a list of files that meet a certain criteria each time you run a job, all you do first is a 'list files' task that will return the file names as output in the first task. Then you create all of your tasks inside the loop as task 2 through X, using each line of the output of the List Files task as a variable. It will process everything it saw when executed and the next time it runs, it'll process anything it sees in the folder again.

You just need to ensure one of the steps in the loop renames the file or moves it out of the folder so it no longer matches the criteria and doesn't get processed again. I do this all the time.

Replies like this would surely be helpful if there was an example to see. I've been trying to do looping and can't seem to find any good documentation on how to do it.
If I get a moment, I can try to post something up.

Is there something in particular you're trying to do so i can make it more tailored to help better ?

In the meantime, the only documentation (aka video) i've watched on Loops was on this page:

I had to watch it several times and pause it a few times before i understood how basic loops work when i first started using the product.

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