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We've defined a job that triggers when files are uploaded to a remote FTP site. The end goal is to download new files placed on this site and move them around within our network to be processed. The trigger appears to be firing as it should, but all of the files being downloaded are being saved with the timestamp of the download. Within the trigger -> remote file -> download setting, there is a checkbox to "Keep modified/create date," which would appear to do exactly what we want. Being a pretty standard option in most FTP clients, I would understand this to change the "modified time" on the downloaded file to match that which is on the remote file.

However, I can check this box, save the trigger, then immediately go back to that screen, and the checkbox is un-checked. I've checked the downloaded file properties, and the "Created," "Modified," and "Accessed" are all set to the time the file was downloaded.

This plays a pretty large role in the download job, because we know that the remote files will be overwritten with files of the same name and approximate size. Our internal processing of the files takes into account the original modification time of the file, so that needs to be preserved so that we won't process the same files multiple times.

Is that checkbox dependent on another value or factor that I haven't considered? Am I misunderstanding the purpose of that option, or is it something that isn't working correctly?

Thanks in advance for your time and attention.
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Thanks for the error report. We have confirmed this with our developers and there is a bug in the Client. It is saving the property alright but it is not displaying it right. We will post a new build later today or tomorrow where this is fixed. Thanks!
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The test build that we downloaded worked perfectly. Is it safe to assume this will be in the next "regular" build?
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