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Changes so far in this build:

[FEATURE] Client/Server: Certificates->Added import option from local computer (VC-1408)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Service Trigger->Added retry options on failure (VC-1946)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Google Cloud BigQuery->Further improvemnts on Tasks (VSPS-241)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Output/Result->Improved limit information (VC-2005)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Output/Result->Improved visuals (VC-2019)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Output/result->Configured dedicated output types for each Task type (VC-1951)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Web macro Task->Upgraded components Chromium V86 (VC-2094)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Cloud Tasks->Azure Data lake Gen 2 is now supported (VSPS-247)
[BUGFIX] Client: Fixed execution time formatting according to regional settings(VC-2001)
[BUGFIX] Client: Log window->Fixed issue with reload on click on combo (VC-2016)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Web macro->Improved crash handling (VC-1191)
[BUGFIX] Server: PowerShell Task->Fixed issue passing parameters and starting pure script blocks (VC-2029)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Proxy->Better proxy handling (VSPS-263)
[BUGFIX] Client: SQL Task->Fixed split query option (VC-2060)
[BUGFIX] Server: Assembly Execute Task->Fixed issue with "tampered" error/crash (VC-2084)
[BUGFIX] Client: SQL Task->SQL jobs controls was off/shifted (VC-2083)
[BUGFIX] Client: Main window->Fixed refresh issue when importing/adding Jobs when using filter (VC-2067)
[BUGFIX] Client: Excel->Set cell: Fixed UI lock (VC-2066)
[BUGFIX] Client: Fixed UI error in AD groups (VC-2039)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: .Assembly Execute Task->Handled "tampered" error (VC-2078)
[BUGFIX] Server: Web macro Task->Fixed issue stopping web macro (VC-2092,VC2076)
[BUGFIX] Server: Web macro Task->Fixed issue with 'object reference error' (VC-2093)
[BUGFIX] Client: Log->Job listing control - improved speed (VC-2022)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Crystal reports->Added missing dlls (VC-2100)
[BUGFIX] Client: Job folders->Fixed rename (update) issue (VC-2114)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Slack->Fixed issue with deprecated method (VC-2113)
[BUGFIX] Client: Conditions->Fixed selection/hang errors (VC-2129,VC-2107)
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Is there a way to get the details for each tickets you are mentioning here ? I'd like to know more precisely what will be changing.

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