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I just upgraded to v9.6 from v9.4.5 and am disappointed in the visual change in the client GUI. It is much more difficult to distinguish between the icons and the flat theme feels like I'm using a display from the early 1980's. I'm aware this flat theme is a current trend, but I am not a fan. In addition to the ugly icons, it is harder to identify where sections/sub-windows are in relation to each other. It feels like the difference between a professional drawing and a child's crayon drawing.
Please give us the option to continue using the professional looking GUI that you've had for at least a decade.
Thank you
There was nothing wrong with the original theme. The colour scheme and font was perfect. I hate to say this but...the themes introduced in version 9.6 are a step backwards (don't fix something that is not broken). The new themes make the interface difficult to read.

Please give us the option to use the "original colour scheme, original font and overall original GUI appearance. Please.

I agree with the folks above. The new gui is really hard on the eyes (referring to 9.7.0 in my case).
Could you at least change the the symbols to have a solid background? All your symbols have black as backround (same as the gui background itself), and that makes everything really blurry


Using Font Awesome as an example, I think symbols looking like this will make things a lot easier to see, especially with a dark background

I just noticed we can toggle between Dark and light in 9.7.0. That's nice! I would still like to have symbols with solid backgrounds. These don't stand out enough

I agree with that. the new icons are terrible
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