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Xander Meadow
Hi all,

I've got a time exception setup with dates in it that is easy enough to maintain. I've also been able to use the variable GetNextTimeException to get the next datetime exception in my collection. However, I can only get the next datetime exception from the current date. For example, if I have July 4th in my collection and I run the formula {DATE(GetNextTimeException|<collection ID>|)} on July 1st, I'll get July 4th back. However, if I run the same formula after July 4th, I'll get the next date in the collection. Is there a way to pass a date to the GetNextTimeException variable so that I can get the next datetime exception from a given date. I was hoping for something like {DATE(GetNextTimeException|<datetime>|7/1/2023)} which will always return 7/4/2023 regardless of what day I run it on.
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Danish zaman
Unfortunately, it seems that the function or variable you're using to retrieve the next datetime exception may not support specifying a specific date as a starting point. It appears to always default to the current date.

To achieve your desired functionality of getting the next datetime exception from a specific date Clownfish (e.g., always getting July 4th, 2023, regardless of the current date), you may need to check the documentation or support resources for the specific software or system you're working with to see if there's a way to customize this behavior or to write a custom function or script to accomplish Emergency Tree Removal  your goal.
Danish zaman
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