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The current version of VC lacks the ability to logically group jobs together. So we manage our jobs by having a naming conventions (night_, day_, sys_ etc) and using the filter (by Job Name) to display only a certain "group" of jobs.

The new VC client allows multiple VC server connections to be open at once; however any filtering is applied to all active connections. This becomes problematic if you have filtered by Job name for example; you have to clear the filter and re-apply the filter when hopping between connections.

A Filter option (on the Server Menu) per open connection would be very useful. By retaining the global Filter you could filter on Last Run across all servers and then filter per open connection.

Also in the previous version of the client the filter was always visible at the bottom of the window. This is now lost in the menus; Could there not be an indication like a "Funnel" icon displayed next to the Server name when a filter is active.

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You may already know - but this has been implemented a couple of versions ago.
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