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Has anyone every use the API with PHP? I'd like to be able to create and manipulate jobs from a PHP interface.
While it possible to do it will be faster learning .NET and implement it that way. The main reason is that you don't have do everything through COM.
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I understand that and I'm pretty good with C# .NET, however, the purpose of this is to allow for jobs to be created for a ticket system that needs recurrence which is written entirely in PHP. I've tried writing my own, but it's hard in PHP. I need some sort of cron function. I was thinking, I could have the interface in my ticket system create VC jobs that would in turn recur these tickets on a schedule. I can't seem to figure out how to instantiate the com object in PHP. Documentation for that is sparse.

If I can't find someone that's done it before, I'll probably just look for some other method.
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