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I have a job that has a task that creates a text file that is laid out using CR/LF and tab characters, and then a task that prints this out on a network printer.

When I print the file normally from within Windows (notepad), it looks fine, with indentations of certain lines where they start with a tab character. However, when I use the Print Document task in VisualCron, the tabs are not printed - all of the lines are left-adjusted on the page.

Actually, there is a sizeable left-hand margin as well, larger than what is there when I print from notepad. In Notepad, I can configure how big the margins are. I don't see any such capability in VisualCron. I just automatically seem to get a 1" left margin, 1.25" top margin, and no right margin and a .75" bottom margin.

So there's the tabs printing problem, and a also request that either margins be configurable (preferred), or that the default to something smaller (or even absent), and then the user can add white space - since it's much harder to take it away than to add it.


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