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Is it possible to use a password management system such as Cyberark to update passwords for AD accounts that are stored in VisualCron for using API? Or is there a plug-in that would allow something like this?
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This is probably going to be waaaay to late to help you, but you can definitely integrate CyberArk to update credentials in VisualCron. I don't think anything exists in the CyberArk marketplace, so you would need to build your own plugins, at least one for the usage to tie to the windows account, and potentially a second one if you want to manage local visualcron users in each system. If you want to go the route of building your own plugin, look in the marketplace for the Credntial Managment .SDK, which has a basic visual studio solution to build it yourself, and documentation is available here: 

I know you can get it working with .Net, no idea if you are using Python or any of the other utilities. I think you need to use the VisualCronAPI dll, since I don't think the SOAP/REST APIs have methods to update credentials in them, but it's been a while since I've checked.
Thank you for the reply. I am open to using .NET. I am not familiar with building plug-ins but will check out the link you provided and also look for more info on Cyberark's site.
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