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on some jobs I always receive Returncode ERROR an the above Result-Detail "The system cannot find the file specified."

The job succeeded anyway without any mistakes.
It also sends its E-Mail notification and inserts the Jobs-Standardout as requested.

So what file cannot be found? Why is this Job returning with an Error-Message?
It is bad, because now I have to use a workaround to let succeeeding job start.

Looking forward for any help!


Claus Mayer
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It is hard to say if it is bad or not. This is a generic error. It depends on the Task that fails? What kind of Task is it?

Lets say it is a Execute Task. Some processes have internal failures (but succeed in what they intended to do anyway). If that is the case you should contact the developer of that program.

VisualCron just captures exit codes when it executes. It does not interpret _if_ everything went alright. It is just considered a success if an process returns 0 in exit code and else a failure.

If you want to live with the error and do not want the original developer to correct the error you can almost always ignore it in the "On error" tab. If you cannot do that for this specific error then contact us with more details.
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It was about the Exitcode of the application that was run.
The application returned a hard coded 2 instead of 0.
Fixed that application and now visualcron terminates properly.

Thank you very much!
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