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It's great that Managed Service Accounts can be used in VisualCron. However, because of the nature of it, it can be used by any administrator user on a server where that MSA account is registered. VisualCron (if running as Local System or other local admin account) has ability to use MSA accounts. This way, any VisualCron user can add the MSA account to VisualCron Credentials and use it in jobs.

Can it be limited, so for examply only one Credential object can be added for single MSA account? This way, the one who registers the MSA on VisualCron's server, can add it to VisualCron's Credentials and secure via VisualCron's security groups. Currently the same MSA account can be added multiple times, so if only someone knows its name, it can be used.

Thanks in advance
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