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Changes so far:

[FEATURE] Client/Server: Health->Added new Server Health control (VC-2871)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Object relations->Added SSH keys (VC-2887)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Robot Task->Integrated web macro into Robot Task (VC-2683)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Robot Task->Integrated web macro (VC-2683)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Robot Task->Added stand-alone web browser (VC-2887)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Robot Task->Add Workbook->Run macro actions (VC-2772)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Robot Task->Added Workbook->Get info action (VC-2773)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Robot Task->Added action Take screenshot (VC-2679)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Robot Task->Added List Variables actions (VC-2718)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Robot Task->Added File/Folders actions (VC-2682)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Robot Task->Added playback speed control (VC-2717)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Web macro Task->Added loop functionality (VC-2837)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Web macro Task->Added maximize on record/test settings (VC-2963)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Logs->New Health table (VC-2844)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Logs->New Event log table (VC-2843)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: SSRS->Added connection variables support (VC-2895)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Execute Task->Added Batch option (VC-2862)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Task: Excel - Delete cell(s) (VC-2921)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: New Task: Excel - Delete row(s) (VC-2921)
[FEATURE] Client: Main window->Added Job Id filter (VC-2799)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Image convert Task->Added more image conversion options (VC-2946)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Variables: Added variable type List for User Variables (VC-3057)
[FEATURE] Client/Server: Object search: Added support for case insensitive search (VC-2965)
[BUGFIX] Server: Assembly Execute Task->Fix x86 issue (VSPS-422)
[BUGFIX] Server: Archive - Extract->Fixed release of the file at the end of processing (VC-2851)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Popup Task->Fixed layout issue (VC-2882)
[BUGFIX] Server: HTTP Trigger->Not showing output Variables issue (VC-2761)
[BUGFIX] Client: SFTP\SSH Connection->Encryption encryption algorithms display names for connection properties (VC-2902)
[BUGFIX] Client: Web macro->Fixed new tab + enter url issue (VC-2840)
[BUGFIX] Client: Connection Explorer->Proxy setter fix (VC-2905)
[BUGFIX] Client: Themes->More theme fixes (VC-2660)
[BUGFIX] Client: Run/Pause Job->Fixed button update issue and stop problem (VC-2783)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Job result->Fixed chart and loading (VC-2781)
[BUGFIX] Server: Web API->Fixed null ref issue (VC-2897)
[BUGFIX] Client: Flow chart->Fixed crash (VC-2890)
[BUGFIX] Client: SQL Task->Sql Parameter editor fix (VC-2911)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: SSRS Task->Fix for maximum rows issue in Excel (VC-2856)
[BUGFIX] Server: SharePoint Connection with Certificate not valid in task but works in Connection Explorer (VSPS-417)
[BUGFIX] Server: Webdav issue - outputs double URL (VC-2935)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Use Dropbox RefreshToken instead of short-term AccessToken (VC-2925)
[BUGFIX] Client: Robot Task->Fixed error message when adding new action (VC-2953)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Desktop macro->Issue with Stop/Save button at recording (VC-2932)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Web macro->Problems recording step on specific website (VC-2934)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Web macro->Fixed issue "Destroy must be called.." (VC-2934)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Web macro->Problem with downloading specific file (VC-2949)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Web macro->Fixed Gif recording stops to early (VC-2966)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Web macro->Fixed internal loop issue (VC-3062)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Main window->Various Run Job feedback (VC-2783)
[BUGFIX] Server: Archive - Compress->Not able to append to empty zip file fix (VC-2926)
[BUGFIX] Server: Archive - Extract->Problems with deleting archive (VC-2832)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: SSRS->Parameter set issue (VC-2748)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Scan document (local)->Issue capturing scan Variables (VC-2966)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Web service Task->Fixed issue when selected Credential was used even though "None" was used in security settings (VC-2812)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Web service Task->Fixed issue stopping Task (VC-2813)
[BUGFIX] Client: Manage Servers->Fixed potential null reference error (VC-2962)
[BUGFIX] WebClient: Popup Task->Fixed radio button selection (VC-2991)
[BUGFIX] Server: Email Task->Handled time zone issue on message date (VC-3006)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: BOX SSL/TLS issue (VC-3047)
[BUGFIX] Client/Server: Scan document->Issue seeing scanned values in output fixed (VC-2964)
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Forum information
Is there a release date set for this?
No release date set yet. Any specific feature/fix you are waiting for?
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Good morning.
Specifically I am waiting on this one related to the encrypted bundles locking the system:
[BUGFIX] Server: Archive - Extract->Fixed release of the file at the end of processing (VC-2851)

Any plans to release this in the near future. We have some testing going tomorrow for the Excel row limit issue.
Luke Saunders
We are also hoping to test this as soon as possible. The modern Sharepoint auth fix is relevant because Microsoft is disabling the currently working legacy auth by default in October.
We are also looking forward to 9.9.9, due to the known issues in 9.9.8 with Exchange EWS integration ( https://www.visualcron.c...aspx?g=Posts&t=10677  )
Final version now released. Thank you for your testing and patience!
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