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VC version 9.9.5.

We have setup an smtp connection like this:


When I try to send an email with this connection, I get this error:


Why is it contacting Google.apis ? How can I make it use the MS version?

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Since what you've shown is that it's using Google classes, not that it's necessarily contacting Google API servers, and OAuth2 is a standard, I suppose it might be technically possible that it's trying to use Google classes to connect to Microsoft servers, but it does seem strange that it would do that, and I at least thought that the Microsoft identity client classes were the ones used for 365 OAuth2...unfortunately I don't have the time to experiment with this myself at the moment though.

Edit: Never mind, I see where VC verified on the other thread that only Google is supported in 998
Michael Fjellström

Exchange EWS Oauth has been fixed now in our latest beta build which you can download here:  https://www.visualcron.c...aspx?g=Posts&t=10689 

Here is the full, updated documentation for setting it up. Please follow the instructions there: https://www.visualcron.c...HTML/connection-ews.html 
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