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I'm facing a problem on a simple download task using [Cloud Transfer - Download files] task.
Whenever i'm downloading the specific file it creates de full folder structure where that file is located as below

[Bucket]/[Source FOLDER]/[ITEM MASK]

Is there a way that the specified file gets downloaded directly to the defined location and that the entire folder structure gets not created ?


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Michael -

The Cloud - Download File task Destination tab is pretty straightforward. I don't think it gives you the same "Create Sub Folder" options as the more traditional File - Copy Files task. It only has a Download File Mask field. Are you using any custom variables in that field that might be using those attributes to create the folder structure you're seeing?

I'm having my own set of issues with that same task where the task is running for over an hour and failing but with no error output to indicate what issues it's having. So frustrating.

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