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Derek Kennard
I have a task where I'm copying files from one location to another. After I copy the file from location A to location B, I want to rename the file. The name of the file I'm copying is a mile long and it will be different every time I copy it, so I think putting the name in the task is not possible. The long name is fine for the copy, but the rename is causing me a headache. All I want to do is, "After copy, rename the file to NAME_yyyymmdd.bak" The NAME_ would be unique for each rename. Any suggestions?
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Joey S
Assuming you are using the task "Copy Files" you will be able to easily do this.

Your source folder and file mask will remain however you have it now

Under the Copy Settings tab your destination file mask will be


the "*" asterisk means "whatever the original name was" so the result is originalfilename_yyyymmdd.bak
the only downside to this is it will strip off the original extension

so, if your original file name is 123.txt then your saved name will be 123__yyyymmdd.bak

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