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VisualCron users,

With the attached PowerShell script you are able to automatically upgrade all VisualCron installations to the latest version on your servers in Active Directory.


Make a folder 'C:\VisualCron' on the central server which you use to update the Visualcron installations. Share this folder for the other domain servers.
Copy the silent install package to a folder named to the version you are going to upgrade. Place this folder inside the C:\VisualCron folder. For example the .msi is located in the C:\VisualCron\5.5.3\ folder.

Edit the attached script and provide the correct OU to look for your servers in AD. Also give the credentials of a domain admin account. Lastly provide the hostname of your central update server, the one with the C:\VisualCron folder.

Save the script and run it, and see the magic happening! :-)



PS a note on the upgrade package: if you want to update to the very latest release you need to extract the exe first. I do this by upgrading the visualcron manually on the central update server. As soon as the installshield window appears, go to C:\Windows\Temp where you will find a VisualCron folder. This folder contains the files you need to copy to the versioned folder inside C:\VisualCron.
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Frans - thank you for your script and ideas!
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