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I have VisualCron Client 5.5.5 running on my desktop to monitor a few remote VisualCron servers. I've noticed that the Client's memory footprint seems to grow relatively quickly only when the application is maximized.

For example, on start-up, task manager reports VisualCronClient.exe is using about 102,392K of memory and tends to grow by about 10,000K/hour. But when the application is minimized, the memory footprint immediately shrinks to 6,000K but still slowly grows, just not at the same amount/rate. Seems like the Client has a possible memory leak. Has this been investigated before?
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.NET uses a different way to handle memory. It only releases memory when needed. When minimizing an application that is written in .NET memory is released. If memory used is 100,000K after minimizing it would be strange but 6,000K is not that much.

Also, it is always recommend, for performance of the underlying server, that you don't have the Client running all the time as this means that information is sent to Client event though your are not there. Also, we recommend putting the load of the Client on your client machine and connect from there to the remote server.
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