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I am having trouble running a delete file task.

Background info:
VisualCron Client version 5.1.0
VisualCron server OS: Windows Server 2003 Standard with SP2

Task info:
Task type: Delete file

File filter info:
Location: \\<Server FQDN>\C$\Folder\Folder (Location folder i on another server in another domain. This server is running Windows server 2008 R2)
Date: If modified date older than 30 days ({DATENOWADD(Days|-30|dd-MM-yyyy)})

Delete settings:
Credentials: Job running with user credentials of a domain admin in the other domain where the folder is located.

When running the task, it fails with the following info in the log:
Unhandled exception in Task: Access to the path '\\<Server FQDN>\C$\Folder\Folder' is denied.

What I have tried to solve the issue:
Running a cmd prompt from the Visualcron server with the runas command with the job credentials is working fine. I can delete files as expected.
I cannot see any blocked traffic in the firewall. I have even turned the firewall off. It is not a firewall issue.
I have run the utility Process Monitor on the Windows 2008 server. I don't see any activity when running the Delete file task.

Anyone have any ideas? Could it be a bug i VisualCron?


Can you test not using the hidden folder (C$) but a "real" share name?
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It's been awhile, but I've returned to this problem which I'm still having. Since I posted back in May of last year, we have upgraded to VisualCron version 5.6.0 build 32656.

I have tried to run the task with a "real" share name, but am getting the same result "Access to the path 'xxxx' is denied.

Any ideas? Thanks!

You need to use Credentials to access network drives (UNC Paths). Create one and select it in the Task.
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Problem solved!

Turns out that there was a firewall issue after all (not on the client but on the network between the VisualCron server and client). I also found out that I was using the wrong credentials as there is a trusted domain setup from which I needed to use a user instead.

Thanks for your help!

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