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I'm having a problem with 1 particular SFTP site that I need to retrieved files from. the error is: Unable to change folder to: /From_THR/PROD, err: SFTP component not connected. I can connect to this site using Filezilla and Putty with out an issue. I use VisualCron to connect to about 20 different sites, so I am very sure that I have the connection configured properly. I was on VC 5.5.5, just upgraded to 5.6.2 and still have the issue. I really don't want to write a VBScript wrapper for Putty.
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Please turn on extended debugging in server settings. Run the Task. Then send the file log_serverDATE.txt to
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We are having the exact same issue with 2 of our vendors. All others work with similar settings. We are able to put files on the vendor's site using FileZilla, but when using the same settings in VC, it comes back with that error message the OP submitted.

Is there a known issue about this now?
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