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I have made job for database loading containing a some tasks. I want to split one of the tasks in parallel sub-tasks to speed up the database loading, and finally do some database cleanup.

Main Job
> Task1 (Seq)
> Task2 -> Job (wait for completion)
>>>> Task21 (Par)
>>>> Task22 (Par)
>>>> Task23 (Par)
> Task3 (Seq)

This is implemented by a main Job with some tasks the preparing the DB. Then a task is calling a VC “Job/Task control” task which has enabled “Run synchronous (wait for completion)”. This task triggers another SQL_Load Job containing some tasks where “Run tasks in order” is disabled. Each of these tasks is of type “Execute”. When the VC “Job/Task control” task is finished, some cleanup tasks are executed.

When I run the main job, the SQL_Load Job is started, and I can see the the tasks are executed in parallel. All load tasks are executed and are finished ok.
Command: "D:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLIB\BIN\db2cmd.exe" /w /i /t
Arguments: "DB2 -F D:\Load\load0.sql -Z D:\Load\Lst\load0.lst"

The problem is that the calling task in the main Job does not terminate when the SQL_Load Job has finished.
In "Running Jobs" the all jobs are finished except one:
Task image <jobname> -> Job process id=1, Id=i, Windows PID=0, Name=JobTaskControl, Started=..., Runtime=... This job will not stop if I select it and click "Stop".
The task Result status is "Running", and the next task is not started.
I have tried to add a time-out on the task, but it will not terminate. I have to restart the Service to terminate the task.

Can there be some issues related to the “wait for completion” flag?
Some security issues?

I run VC 5.6.9 on Windows2008R2.
Regards, Aksel
We could not reproduce this. I guess it is related to the Task. If you run the Task (that never stops) manually - does it end then?

And what about running Job 2 manually? Does it end?
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