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I noticed that there is a visualcronservice.exe.config file that indicates that certain sections, if uncommented, will allow VC to write to the Application Event Log.

A few questions:

1) If uncommented, what VC events would be written to the application event log? (I'm especially interested in the exceptions/errors that may occur in the logs, but aren't a part of running a task, so we aren't alerted to them via notifications.)

2) I see two different sections that state "uncomment the below section to write to the Application Event Log". Do both need to be uncommented, or only one of the two? What is the difference between them? The second one also has you replace "APPLICATION_NAME"; will that be the VC executable file name?

3) What I had in mind is that if it is possible to write VC exceptions/errors to the event log, perhaps I could set up an event trigger to monitor for them and send an alert when they occur. Does this sound like a good way to do what I have in mind, or is there a better way to do it?
The config file does not affect the VisualCronService behavior at all.

If an error occurs it is automatically logged to the Event log.
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