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We are considering purchasing a site license. So far we like the product very much.

My CEO is a little bit concerned because VisualCron is not backed by a large company he has heard of. Do you have anything that might reassure him? Maybe a history of how long you have been selling VisualCron and how often releases occur. Do you have any concrete future plans we should know about?

On a related note - when a major new version is released (ie, 5.0) - is that included in our 4.x site license? Or is there an upgrade price? Or is it the full version price?

Thank you,
The upgrade is free from version 4 to version 5.

True, we are not a large company but I would say that that is our strength. We have one product that we focus and believe in. We are more flexible to our customers. That concerns listen to our customers and be alert for support.

We have been around with VisualCron since 2004. We do releases quite often, that is how we work - providing smaller or larger features. If we find a bug we often fix it in a day or two for the customer. In general we have one release a month.

We have a long list of FORTUNE500 companies that use our product.

About future plans. The development is built on about 50% direct feature requests and 50% our own general plan. We want to move further against enterprise features. In the latest beta you can be connected to several servers at once and that is something we will extend further - so you can move Jobs and other objects between Servers.

A lot of smaller and larger changes are planned for V5 - and as I mentioned, half of them are from requests from our users.

We have some cool functionality on the way which provides new Tasks which no other competitor have:
* web service reflector - execute web services with your provided parameters
* dll/exe reflector - execute methods from dlls or .exes

Please let us know if you have further questions.
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Thank you, that helps.

I like the idea of being able to move Jobs & Tasks between servers. We have a blade center that runs a lot of very similar jobs.

Thanks, Chris
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