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Hello VC Team,

i need to schedule a task which syncs a folder on daily base like:


folders within look like this: 2012-01-26, 2012-02-13 ,..

and i just want to copy the mainfolder daily within everything.

target looks like:

connection is not running through a proxy..

Jobs fails with following msg:
Error at UploadFTPFiles: Object reference not set to an instance of an object


Control channel transfer error ...

but if i remove the checkbox for including subfolders and set as inputfolder:
\\networkshare\meetings$\daily\2012-01-26 to /incoming/01_daily/2012-01-26
it will work and transfer the content.

so somehow it can not go through the subfolders...

any ideas?

Thanks and Regards, Sebastian


to help debugging, please upgrade to latest version first.

1. first you should try using the FTP Explorer in Tools tab. Make sure that the connection works. If it works then copy the exact path from the FTP Explorer into the Target.
2. make sure you use a Credential here that has access to the network folder
3. if you use a Credential and that still does not work try to change the UNC path to a non-hidden path (skip the $)
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Within explorer view it was working fine - so the connection was ok.

After upgrading and playing with target path ( target with ending / or without) - it seams to work. Thanks for the guiding hints. Lets wait for the next schedule :)

Regards, Sebastian
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