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Hi All,

I've been playing with VisualCron evaluating it for automating some tasks.
I must say that it has enourmous potential and prompts you to do things that you would not normally expect from an ordinary scheduler.

Anyway, I have a simple scenario to automate:
- runs daily
- pickup a file (ts in file name) from an FTP
- retry 5 times with delay, fail if number of retries is exceeded
- unzip
- load files into a db
- kick of processing

I see that tasks have on failed logic but for an FTP failure to get a file is not a failure.

The way i've done is:
- created a counter variable

- task 1 - to reset a counter variable
- task 2 - to increment a counter
- task 3 - (.net) check counter var, throw an exception if a counter is exceeded, exit on failure
- task 4 - download zip
- task 5 - (.net) check file exists, throw if not, on failure go to task 2
- task 6 - unzip
- task 7/8 - call a batch file
- task 9 - kick off SQL server query

Is there a better way to achieve the same?
How do i introduce a delay between tasks 5 & 2?
Handling of variables in .NET tesks is odd. If i declare method that takes an int and assign it to a VC variable i'll only get a the initial value, however if i declare method with a string param and count is to int it gets the correct value (in my task 2).

Any comments?

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Hi abshmak,

Welcome to the forum!

What you can do is create a condition which is checking if you file is there.
You can attach a condition to a task.
With the actions of this condition you can manage the flow. If the file is there continue, if not go to task...
There is also a wait task in visualcron so if you need to use it, you can.
By using a condition, you don't need the use of variables.

Uses Visualcron since 2006.
Thanks, could not find the wait task initially, but your post forced me to look more closely and i managed to find it.

Also managed to rework some of the code to use conditions.
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