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Hi Henrik,

Many thanks for your time earlier on the Chat.

Please consider our request to enhance the Object Finder Tool "Object Search" with "Replace String" option.

This enhancement will provide us an easy way to perform mass updates mainly where either "Command:" strings or "Arguments:" strings needs to be changed in bulk.

The "Property Value" string for a given Object Search result-set would be subject to change by this replace command.

Perhaps we should keep in mind to add "Select-Box" too to filter the replace action to only selected Property Values from the search list.

The Object Search is not case sensitive now, perhaps there should be an option for it - will be helpful. We should keep in mind to add "Regular Expressions" and "Wildcards" search capability at a later stage - if possible.

Do you think the Object Finder should also have status line at the bottom of the window with summary of Search/Replace operation for information and total number of records?

We understand with any mass update one should ensure that appropriate backup has been put in place - to remind this additional confirmation prompt will be helpful before updating and re-loading the updated values.

We hope you will also reflect this replace action in the logs with information on action performed for tracability.


  • Replace string feature
  • Case sensitive search option
  • Select-Box to filter replace action
  • Regular Expressions and Wildcard search feature
  • Status line with record totals of search result
  • Additional confirmation prompt to reminder "VC config backup"
  • VC Log to reflect the replace operation performed

VisualCron fans with developer skills among us can of-course use VisualCron API, not sure how they feel about this enhancement request - perhaps they too may be interested.....

You have been very kind in promptly looking into our requests and responding quickly; please accept my sincere thanks we very much appreciate your efforts.

Best Regards,
One more issue in "Object Finder" tool using "Object Search" for Tasks we encounter is that if the TASK name is the same in many JOBS it is difficult to identify the parent JOB Name in the search results or even when we edit/open the task one by one.

We should be able to overcome this in two ways a) add JOB Name in search results b) display the JOB Name in task edit header along with "task order number / total task in the job".

Please review and advise if there are other ways to identify tasks parent JOB Name from a search result window.

As a user of the Object Finder I would like to know what the parent object name is for a given object. The parent object for tasks from my perspective is a job and that is the most important information I'm looking to know so that I don't have to go into so many tasks and then drill into the variables window to see the job name. This is purely a "nice to have" feature and not required to accomplish the goal. Bonus nice to have ... double/click on the parent object to open the parent object rather than the object. Example, job edit/view window opens rather than the object (task).
Object Finder Mockup Job Name  ObjectFinderMockupJobName.png (366kb) downloaded 34 time(s).

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