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I was working on an automation process where a VC job runs but gets to a point where it has to pass control over to an external remote system with which it can't interact. In order to continue automation, I have to end the VC job and create a second job with a File Trigger which waits for a report file from the external system in order to continue processing.

This basically means that a single process is split over rwo (or more) VC jobs.

However, if we had a 'Wait Event' task, it would allow us to keep processes self contained and better organised - so a job would run up to a point at which the Wait Event task (similar to a Trigger) would be waiting for something external to happen before it continued. The standard TimeOut feature would allow the job to timeout within a certain time span if an event didn't occur.

I realise the new planned Pop-up may well allow something similar - which I am really looking forward to - but I believe it will require manual intervention to continue processing?

Would this be technically possible?



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