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This is a problem that I posted on feature request accidently.
Here is a copy of the initial: 

I had thought I had fixed this problem, but I seem to have opened a can of worms.
When I set the service to use an AD account that had access to the network, I used the one that is currently being used by other tasks.

It seems that if you log into the service with the same account as the credentials on a task, VisualCron errors out that task.
I've got too many tasks with that situation, so I reset the service to log in with the System account.

I'm back to the original problem of the System account not having access to the network files. You're solution of creating a task that reads the file contents, which uses a read task that requires credentials, seems to be a roundabout way of fixing the problem.
I've got around 60 tasks that I will have to do this to.
I was looking at the type of tasks that I have notification set to write to a network file, and the task itself is using the correct credential to read a network file, but then errors out when it tries to write to a network file(notification file)...that doesn't sound right to me. The way VisualCron was working in 6.1.1 makes alot more sense where this logic works.
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I see no other way. Either use Credential or change the SYSTEM account. Yes, it possible that it can conflict with other Credentials - for that reason we recommend using Credential option - then you know exactly which account is used at a certain time.

I do not see how this has ever worked before as SYSTEM account do not have any network access. Maybe you can give the SYSTEM adminstrator some network rights but I think it will be confusing as well.
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