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I'm attempting to use a registry task to set a String type whose value contains User Variables. However, when running the task, the literal text {USERVAR(BackupDir)} is inserted in the registry, not the actual variable value.

Does the Registry task not support User Variables?
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I can confirm this. i still have a BackupDir variable from your last topic on my test system and It put the value in as text instead of translating the variable:

BackupDir = c:\temp\


bbusse attached the following image(s):
Given I can't access Environment Variables in Background tasks, I ported my environment variables to VisualCron User Variables, update my tasks, then let it rip. This works well, but now my non-VisualCron processes don't have those environment variables. My solution was to created a Sync job that echos the User Variable values to the System Environment variables registry path, effectively copying VC values to Env Var values. This was brilliant...except it's writing the literal User Variable, not the actual value.

So, is this a bug or feature request? This is fairly limiting for me.
This fix will be added for version 6.1.7. Thank you for the report.
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