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I have a task that converts an Excel 2007 (*.xlsx) to a pipe delimited text file.
It is erring with a 77777 - Exception in task: key not found

There is nothing special in the settings:
Convert to: Text File
Worksheet: Use first worksheet
Save To: different folder with a mask

VisualCron version 6.1.5
This task had worked previously, and one that only runs once a month or so. The last time it ran, I may have been on 6.1.2, but since it runs infrequently, I'm not sure.

Any idea what this error is?
I tried from a machine with Excel installed, and a machine without (the server it normally runs on.)

Since logs all seem to be in a database not, not even sure where to look at those. 🙂
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Is it possible that you could export Job and file and send to

Also, please send log_serverDATE.txt after running Task.
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  •  Rahn
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Problem was condition on one of the tasks was disabled (unchecked), so the reference to the condition wasn't being found.
Removed the condition, and this was fixed.
Thanks Henrik,
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