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Hi all, I have searched to no avail but hoping someone has been down this path before and has a ready-made answer.

I have an SQL database with computernames/ IP addresses of devices, some of which are marked as offline.

Is there a VC job that will run my query to find these offline devices and ping them individually then output the results to a text file?
There are a couple of ways to do this, but maybe this one is the best in this case;

1. Create a SQL Task, let it query for all ips
2. Create a ping Task - in the ip you use the loop Variable (CurrentValue). See http://www.visualcron.com/Tutorials.aspx 
3. create a write file Task, in the value field I suggest that you write loop variable and the output of previous Task (result)
4. set Task 2-3 in a loop.

Check out the loop tutorial here: http://www.visualcron.com/Tutorials.aspx 
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