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Natural Power

We're enjoying VisualCron, and noticed that the hover preview of variables is very useful and works well in most cases. We are using version 6.2.2.

We found two cases that could be improved perhaps?

1) The 'File > Copy files' task, 'Copy files' tab, 'Edit' item, 'Copy settings' tab, 'Destination folder' field and the 'Destination file name mask' field do not show any popup when hovering over variables.

2) The 'NET > FTP/SFTP/FTPS' task, 'FTP/SFTP/FTPS' tab, 'Edit' item, 'File filter' tab, 'Folder' field and 'Include file mask' field do not expand Job Variables in a useful way. Other tasks in the same job expand correctly, but in these fields a Job variable is expanded as '[Job does not exist or is not selected]'.

Many thanks,

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Natural Power
Also found these fields without hover preview:

3) On the Job itself, 'Edit', 'Triggers' tab, 'Add > Event trigger > File', 'File' tab, the fields 'Folder path', 'File mask' and 'Exclude file mask'.

Many thanks!
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