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Hi Henrik

We have been having an issue with a file trigger when writing some 2000 trigger files in to a folder.

We had reported a similar issue previously with the Send Email task where it seemed to time out, but on this occasion it seems as if the trigger just stopped after processing a few hundred files, which caused us a big issue with a customer. There are no errors in the job or tasks.

I have re-copied the trigger files back in to the Trigger folder and the task is running now, but when I went in to the job to check the Triggers timeout value and came back out again, the attached message was displayed.

I checked the LOG and there are occasional messages reflecting the same issue (see attached LOG1 and LOG2 screenshots), but it seems as if the process keeps running after each of these.

Any ideas what could cause this?



EDIT: Version is 6.1.8 build 16371
osirisja attached the following image(s):
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This is actually a limitation in Windows. I advise you to write fewer files at the same exact moment.
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