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Version: 4.9.11
Build: 22349
Build date: 2008-07-14

I'm using the sql task to execute a stored procedure and the result set in standard output is truncated. The output ends in the middle of a row. I checked sql profiler and the SP is correctly running through to completion. I checked the bugfix list and didn't see anything pertaining to sql stored procs in there, but maybe I msised it.
It consistently ends in the same spot at the end of a datetime column before the AM/PM is printed, which succeeds in prior rows.
Could anyone offer some insight?

Thank you,
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By default the output is truncated. Please change this in Server settings.
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I too am experiencing a truncated standard output for task "Read File".

I'm on version 6.2.2, but see nothing in the release notes about this to suggest upgrade.

I realize this is a very old post, but it was the most relevant I could find. Obviously, the "Server Settings" has been drastrically overhauled since, because there is no longer a feature to turn off LimitOutput there. I do, however, see a LimitOutput xml setting in the server_settings.xml file, but modifying this in the XML seems to do nothing. Ironically, the documentation still points me to "Server Settings" and states that Standard Ouput is truncated by default and must be turned off in Server Settings. This should really be updated.

I've tried turning off all limits in the "Database settings" area of "Server Settings", but this too does not resolve truncation of standard output of "Read File".

I must be missing something, because a truncated "Read File" task to 2000 characters seems to be rather useless in most scenarios. Please help - I'm very close to just writing a .NET console app for this and being done with VisualCron, because I would have spent far less time at this point than digging through documentation and posting on this forum!
You can control this value in "limit output" in server settings from version 7. Not in 6.x.x
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