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We have decided to log errors by using SQL Notifications to insert information about running visualcron tasks and jobs into a database so we can log errors and other information.

So basically in the flow section of a task or job, we trigger sql notifications On Start, On error, etc... to get logs. (we decided to do custom logging rather than use visualcron's logs)

I have a problem with the visualcron variables TASK(PrevTask, StdErr) and TASK(Active, StdErr) and {TASK(PrevTask, StdOut)} (Active StdOut never does anything and im not sure if it exists). In the three log entries pasted below from the following variables I get no useful information from StdErr and nothing from Active StdErr... I'm guessing this is not the way it is supposed to be. Please explain. Thanks.

(1 is on a job started while 2 and 3 are on a task error)

{TASK(PrevTask, StdErr)}
1 [Unknown argument in: TASK(PrevTask, StdErr)]
2 Error in argument
3 Error in argument


{TASK(PrevTask, StdOut)}
1 [Unknown argument in: TASK(PrevTask, StdOut)]
2 Error in argument
3 Error in argument

edit: this is with VisualCron - Client - 7.1.6
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Hi felix, welcome to the forum!

From what I understand is that you are using the TASK logs on a JOB level.
That's not good.

If you want logs on task level, put this '{TASK(PrevTask,StdOut)}' on the tasks.

On Job level, use the JOB variables.

So use the right ones should solve your issue.

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It is possible to use {TASK(PrevTask,StdErr)} on a Job level which will refer to the last Task but I think the problem is that you have a space between the comman and StdErr.

{TASK(PrevTask, StdErr)} should be {TASK(PrevTask,StdErr)}
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Originally Posted by: Support 

It is possible to use {TASK(PrevTask,StdErr)} on a Job level which will refer to the last Task

Thanks for the update. 😁

Uses Visualcron since 2006.
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Thanks Support, it looks like it was a spacing issue. I can't seem to figure out how to mark this as solved. I still can never get {TASK(Active,StdErr)} to return anything but now I suspect that it is because there is never an error in the active task i.e. the sql notification, so this is expected behavior. Thanks.
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