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D Wall
After our upgrade to 7.1.9, none of our Oracle connections would work. Tracked it down to VisualCron running as 64 bit and our drivers all are 32 bit. I tried using the bit setter utility to make the service run as 32 bit, but this rendered it unable to start, with the Event Log error complaining that it was not a 32 bit application.

Installing 64 bit drivers is going to be a big pain, as we have a bunch of older apps that are 32 bit, and I'm not really looking forward to wrestling with Oracle client install (shudder).

Is there anyway we can have VisualCron 7.1.9 recognize our existing Oracle 32 bit drivers?
What you can do is to change the Connection to Direct mode. Then you do not need a driver at all.
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D Wall
Thanks for the quick answer.

I had done that in order to get things to work, but it's not good practice as far as maintenance for us.

All our Oracle databases drivers use LDAP in the sqlnet.ora file, meaning that the dba can change connection information once and anyone who uses it automatically picks up the updated information.

As I understand it, using direct mode means in a best case scenario I have to go into each VisualCron instance and update a connection variable when the database information changes.

I guess I'll have to take a look at the new driver install unelss there are other options.
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