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Currently the Copy/Movefile FTP Task stores the files in the root of the destination folder and ignores ignores subfolders they files have come from.

Please add an option for the task to recreate the subfolders from the source folder in the destination folder.


File1: /testfolder1/testfolder2/file.txt
File2: /testfolder1/testfolder2/testfolder3/file2.txt

Destination: /testfolder4/testfolder5

End results should be: /testfolder4/testfolder5/testfolder1/testfolder2/file.txt and /testfolder4/testfolder5/testfolder1/testfolder2/testfolder3/file2.txt

Currently the end result is: /testfolder4/testfolder5/file.txt and /testfolder4/testfolder5/file2.txt
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