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VisualCron offers plenty of tools and options how write and send logs.

But it is quite a task to create and manage simple alarms. I suggest "a standard alarms" which would contain limited, but the most important information: job/task failed + date/time.

Then add options who the alarm should be sent (could be another feature, a "Connections" like list of email addresses or email lists) and option for suggestions what should be done tojavascript:__doPostBack('ctl00$MainPlaceHolder$yafForum$ctl03$PostReply','') fix the issue or checklist.
This is already able to be done via a generic Notification and a Job Variable that contains the Interested Parties e-mail group/SMTP address.

1. For each job you care about, create a job Variable callled "NotificationEmailAddress". This will be the e-mail address notifications for THIS job get sent to.
2. Create a notification called "Job Failure Notification" and instead of the Subject use something like this:
 {JOB(Active|Name)} - Failure Status  

Recipients would be:

3. In each job that you've actually created the 'NotificationEmailAddress' variable, change the flow to 'Always' 'On Error', run the notification created in Step 2.

Now you have a single Notification created that can be reused by any job you choose, as long as you have a job variable set on the job for who to notify. This might sound tedious AFTER your jobs are all set up and the server has been in production for a while, but it's a very simple (in my mind) way to create a generic notification with varying e-mail addresses per job. Optionally, you could have your IT group's e-mail address on the CC line so you receive all of them.

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