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I'm replacing two of my old servers and want to deactivate the licenses to activate them later on the the new servers. The problem is I don't have exactly what licenses number were activated on those servers and cannot find the license information anywhere in the software.

We have bought already more that 30 VisualCron Licenses.

Can you tell me what can I do?

Best Regards,

Osvaldo Garcia
Ocean Systems, Inc.
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The later versions of VisualCron are able to show the activation code. So, we recommend that you upgrade those old servers and start VisualCron. Go to Server tab->Server info->License and you will see the current activation code.

We will also start developing the website further today to be able to show status of all your activation codes. We are not sure when this will be done but probably some day this week.
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I did what you say and it works perfect.

Thank you so much.

Osvaldo Garcia
Ocean Systems Inc.
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