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Ben Graham
We've recently started using Slack internally as a communications tool. I've used cURL to post to Slack from VisualCron (I couldn't get the Net > HTTP task to do it) and it works well enough. It will allow us to post the activity from our VisualCron server to Slack so users can view and search it, without it being as intrusive as email.

The next step I'm considering is to have users post commands to our VisualCron server via Slack. They can send direct messages to the user we've set up, but I'm not sure how I can easily pull down the unread commands and execute them one by one, without executing some commands more than once. We currently use the email integration for this functionality, since we have some users that we don't want to use VisualCron but we want to be able to run tasks.

Anyone have any ideas how to read commands out of a queue and act on them in VisualCron? Anyone else using Slack for this?
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We have now implemented a Trigger and a Task for Slack. Please test it here: https://www.visualcron.c....aspx?g=posts&t=7901 
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